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Monday, January 15, 2018

Future home in progress!

Well, life has a way of falling into place when you least expect it.  We had been looking for a larger home for years now, but started actively searching a few months back.  In the course of our search we viewed 69 homes (online, in person, etc) and 7 builders.  We knew we would know the moment we found the right house.  Well, after Grampee's luncheon on Saturday we went and visited the 69th home in our search in Pinehurst.  All 4 of us were amazed and knew this could be the right home.  As with all big decisions, Daddy says to sleep on it.  So, we did.  Yesterday after the marathon, we went back out to the house to meet our realtor Molly and the builder's agent, Mark.  Everything just started to fall into place and we could not believe that even the price was right for us.  Today we both woke up with confirmation that this was the right decision!  So, after a long search and many we put money down on our new home.  We couldn't be more excited!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Grampee's 23rd Houston Marathon!

Yesterday, we held our annual family lunch before the big Marathon for Grampee.  We met at Marvino's Italian to celebrate and send Grampee off for a great run in the morning.  Then today, Grampee ran his 23rd consecutive Houston Marathon and we could not be prouder.  We are in awe of his dedication and athleticism.  Grampee finished his 23rd Houston Marathon in 5 hours 33 minutes (9 minutes FASTER than last year!)!  Go Grampee Go!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Happy heavenly birthday Daddy

Today Daddy would have been 69 years old. It seems like just yesterday we celebrated with him yet that was 3 years ago. He will always be the most patient Daddy and loving example to everyone he came across. He made friends everywhere he went and had a genuine interest in others and helping even strangers. He made us laugh all the time and danced for us at bedtime. What a great thing to watch growing up! Today will be a quiet day and I know I cannot call and make him laugh by singing or hear him slurp his celebratory cappuccino blast from Baskin Robbins. Yes, he is with Jesus. I would never want him to come back to Earth and give up the greatness of Heaven. I know these things and believe them with all my heart. However, a part of my heart is still missing and I wish I could have that last hug again. Happy birthday Daddy, we miss you and love you!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Echo visits Texas!

Echo moving to Idaho (yes...IDAHO) was a hard thing to accept this past summer.  Facebook has a way of keeping us Texas folks up to date with Idaho life...but there is nothing greater than hugging a true friend in your arms.  To celebrate, we all went out to Gringo's for dinner and then went to listen to some country music ( true Texas form).  It was a fun night for all, and we are already looking forward to her next visit this summer.  Miss you Echo!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018!

Looking ahead to 2018, I am excited for the new adventures heading our way.  God has certainly blessed us with so many treasures and things to be thankful for.  At the top of that list is our family and health.  I pray 2018 continues to keep our family healthy.  We celebrated today with the family and enjoyed a family dinner with brisket, cheese grits, black eyed peas, and cabbage.  Of course the kids' favorite part was the fireworks outside.  May this be a year to remember and one that brings glory to God in all we do!  Hello 2018, nice to meet you.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Saying goodbye to 2017

2017 was certainly a year to remember with lots of events.  As we say goodbye, here are our top 10 most memorable moments of 2017.  We are very excited to see what 2018 has in store for our lives.  Thank you God for all the many blessings this year has brought. 

1- Bear joined our family in February!
2- Stacy had spinal surgery in March followed by...well...more unexpected complications and hospital stays.
3- The annual family trip to San Destin, Florida was much needed in July.
4- Stacy had the joy of getting a Hysterectomy at end of July.
5- Caelin started Kindergarten (6 years old) and Cade started 2nd grade (8 years old) at Ehrhardt Elementary.
6- Charles changed jobs and moved to Tomball ISD followed by Stacy changing jobs in Klein ISD.
7- Hurrican Harvey struck our community and flooded most of the area for weeks.
8- Stacy hit Senior Gold with Plexus in September.
9- Plexus Leader's Retreat led us on a family trip to Universal Studios in Orlando for a week in October.  We were SO EXCITED to see Harry Potter World.
10- Cade was baptized in November!

Happy FIRST Birthday Prince Baylor Bear!

Happy FIRST Birthday to our handsome red-headed fur baby Bear! We have adored you since the day you were born and are so blessed to have you in our family.  That 2am text message saying one last male pup came out was the best message ever.  You were the answer to A LOT of prayers. Losing Baylor in 2016 left a hole in our heart and we prayed for the right new addition to love on.  You make us laugh all the time, are always wanting to snuggle, consider yourself a lap dog at 60lbs, and will do anything for a treat.  Thanks to Gamee for your first cake.  May this year bring even more joy in your life sweet boy.  We love you "Bear-Bear"!