Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter at Gamee/Grampee's

We had such a fun evening with the Hall side of our family celebrating Easter. Uncle Christopher and the fam were there too and we just love watching all the cousins grow up together.  Jacob is getting much bigger and it certainly won't be long before we have quite the party with all 4 of them.  Caelin and Andrew are still Bff's and enjoy doing just about anything together.  I love that they have that relationship and it reminds me of my cousin Jason and I growing up.  We enjoyed a nice meal by Gamee/Grampee, the Easter bunny made deliveries, an egg hunt for the kids, confetti eggs for all, and amazing dessert as always. The kids loved every minute of it...especially the Confetti eggs. Thank you Gamee and Grampee for a great evening together once again!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Happy Palm Sunday

What beautiful weather today! After church we spent the day enjoying some sunshine for Palm Sunday. We planted flowers and played in the yard and on swings all afternoon. We also figured out that that we now need a bigger pool, ha! Looks like we will also have a slip-n-slide to break in on another day. As for Bear, he clearly loves the outdoors best. When he wasn’t chasing Cade/Caelin or trying to steal the bulbs I was replanting over and over, he was relaxing in the shade on the swing. It was my kind of perfect day with a glass of tea!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

John Wesley Easter Celebration & Sunday School Class Social

We always love attending the events at John Wesley where Caelin goes to school. They are kids centered and always filled with unique activities. This Easter celebration was no different. We were able to have breakfast together, do an Easter egg hunt, get our face painted, do a craft, and our favorite was the resurrection walk. At the resurrection walk, we went through 10 stations that told the story of Jesus in Bethlehem for Easter. At each station the kids got a small token to represent each Bible verse. Cade & Caelin both loved it and we are blessed that they even knew parts of the story already. Then, to make the day perfect, we ended with our Sunday school class social. We had a fried chicken dinner at a clubhouse and the kids were able to do an egg hunt, die eggs, and play on the playground with friends. It was a busy, but beautiful day!

Friday, April 7, 2017


Our FIRST Developmental prom for Klein ISD (all 4 High Schools) was amazing! Even though I couldn't stay the whole time, it didn't take long for my heart to be full. First off, our students were gorgeous/handsome! There are no words that would describe the pure joy of laughter, being with friends and dancing. The students interacted with each other and even stretched out of their comfort zones to ask friends from other schools to dance. What a success! Parents, Administration and Teachers from all campus’ joined in the event and it was truly a night to remember! I cannot wait for next year already.